The Sales Process

At Davis & Gibbs we pride ourselves on a professional and friendly service. Our Sales Department have over 20 years experience and knowledge, which means we can help you throughout the entire buying process.

Here are a few points to consider before selling a property. We hope that it helps but please feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Where do I start?

The first step is to appoint an estate agent to help you. This means choosing an Estate Agent to value and market your property, you’ll need to appoint a Solicitor / Conveyancer to handle the legal side of the sale, speak with a financial advisor if you are looking to purchase another property.

How does an Estate Agent arrive at a realistic valuation?

An Estate Agent will visit you at your property to have a look around, and carry out what’s known in the industry as a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).This costs nothing, and is based upon a number of criteria:

  • General market demand from Buyers
  • The popularity of your area (shops, schools, transport etc)
  • Current asking price of similar properties nearby
  • Prices recently achieved for similar properties nearby
  • Significant works/improvements carried out to the property

The CMA will give you an ‘estimated market value’. From this, you can decide on the price at which to market your property. Agents do not charge for their valuations.

I’ve had several valuations, which Estate Agent do I choose?

Do some research on the Estate Agents you invite to value your property. When you visit their offices, are you made to feel welcome? Little things like this can have a big effect on potential Buyers.

What about choosing a Solicitor? How much do they charge?

It may be that you already have a Solicitor who can handle your sale. If not, ask your Estate Agent, friends and neighbours if they can recommend one.

How should I prepare my Property for viewings?

First impressions do count, and the following tips should help viewers to appreciate your property at its best. Although you may be at work when viewers are brought round, try to do whatever you can.

  • Make the place as tidy as possible and open the windows to let in fresh air.
  • Have a place where you can quickly hide clutter and rubbish if the viewing is at short notice.
  • Vacuum clean and dust the main rooms.
  • Give the bathroom sinks and baths a wipe over.
  • Put some flowers in the main room.
  • Fully draw back the curtains to get maximum daylight in the rooms.
  • On dull days, turn all the lights on and light any fire in the main room.
  • Turn the television and radio off (light music is fine).
  • Close all windows that are affected by background noise (traffic, trains etc).
  • Banish off-putting smells with, say, the aroma of brewing coffee.
  • Try not to let pets and children interrupt the viewing; keep them occupied.

What’s the best way to conduct viewings?

There are no hard-and-fast rules here, but do:

  • Agree with your Estate Agent who will conduct the viewing.
  • Ensure you have all keys readily available to open any garage, French windows, fire escapes etc.
  • Give time, if necessary, for viewers to discuss the property alone before they leave. Simply moving out of earshot will make this easier. Your Agent will gauge this.

Accepting an offer (stc)

We are legally obliged to put all offers forward to you. Once you have accepted the offer we will send out the sales memorandum and over see the transaction. Liaising with both solicitors ensuring a smooth transaction.