Privacy Notice


Davis & Gibbs Limited Registered No. 05575163 are an independent estate agents operating since 2006 with offices located in Balham and Oval, London.

The following privacy notice details how Davis & Gibbs, representatives, branches and third party companies collect, use and share your information and for what purpose.

Davis & Gibbs will take all necessary precautions to protect, store and manage your data in accordance with UK Law and GDPR.

Davis & Gibbs endeavour to maintain that all of the information contained on this page and website is accurate but cannot guarantee this. We reserve the right to change any information including this notice at any time.


This privacy notice will lay out Davis & Gibbs procedures and list how your data is governed and collected. The policy is split into sections and will cover;

  1. Your personal information and why we need it
  2. What information we collect
  3. How we obtain your personal information
  4. Who has access to the information
  5. Where the is data stored
  6. Access to your own information and how to have it removed
  7. Website Cookies
  8. Anti-Money Laundering
  9. Our Complaints Procedure

Your Personal Information And Why We Need It

Personal information is anything that let us know something about you.

When looking for a property or using any of our services we will use your information to assist us in providing the best possible service to you. Should your application be successful we will use personal information to perform background checks for referencing purposes (with your permission), liaise with contractors if there is a maintenance issue at the property and share with any council or legal body where the law requires us to do so.

What Information We Collect

Davis & Gibbs only collects data relevant to the purposes of our relationship. This information is not passed on to any third parties without your knowledge and consent unless we are required to do so by Law.

The types of data we collect include but are not limited to the following;

Renting and Buying

When looking for a property to rent or buy we will need your contact information, details of your current address and search criteria. Contact information can include: your full name, contact number and email address. If your offer is successful we will require further information of a personal nature to carry out credit and employment checks or to introduce solicitors for sales memorandums etc. We will request your permission before doing so.

Letting and Selling

If you are letting or selling your property through Davis & Gibbs we will need to gather more details about you and your property in order to provide you with the best service possible. This can include next of kin details, current and previous addresses and details to access the property. Where you are based overseas your information may need to be passed on to the HMRC where required by law. We may also have details of your bank or building society for the purposes of transferring funds to you on rent collection and managed properties and the transfer of funds to let only landlords.

Property Management

Where we manage a property on your behalf, we will ask for further details to make sure we can fulfil our obligations to you and to properly manage your property. This includes emergency out of hours contact details should a situation arise where you needed to be contacted urgently.

How We Get Your Information

Davis & Gibbs collects your information in different ways, foremost from you directly. This is usually done over the phone or via email when registering or enquiring about our services, when you complete an application after a successful offer or when completing terms and conditions should you let or sell your property through Davis & Gibbs.

Where applicable we may contact current or past employers and landlords in order to confirm any details you have provided to us are correct as well as obtain further information to process your application.

Your details are never shared with any third parties without your prior consent and we do not gather information on anyone who hasn’t contacted us about our services.

Who Has Access To This Information

Your information unless otherwise stated and with your consent is used solely by Davis & Gibbs in order to fulfil our business relationship with you in the most practical and legal way possible.

Where your information is required by a third party the information shared will be governed by their own privacy policy and shared with them with your consent.

Situations where your details will be shared with a third party could be but are not limited to the following; when completing applications for rental through third party referencing companies completing background checks for CCJs or Bankruptcy or when registering your security deposit with the relevant scheme in accordance with the law. When buying or selling your property we will share your information with your appointed solicitors once a sale is agreed or contractors to arrange photos, EPCs or other safety certificates for the property. Where we manage your property we may need to share your details with a contractor to resolve a maintenance issue and arrange access for repairs.

Where is Your Data Stored And For How Long

Hard copies of data such as physical records of applications and contracts are held in a secure off-site, alarmed location and all digital information is stored on password protected computers within alarmed premises for such a time as we are required to do so by law or you require us to do so. We retain the right to contact you regarding similar services and offers for that duration.

Access To Your Own Information And How To Have It Removed

Unless we are required by law to hold on to your data you may request to have it removed from our records at any time. Unsubscribe links can be found on all of our marketing emails and you can also contact either branch via phone or email to request the deletion of your information.

You may also contact Davis & Gibbs to request details on what personal information we currently hold and to update us of any changes to your personal information.

Website Cookies

Like most websites on the internet, ours uses cookies to help us recognise you from other users and to help us streamline your experience and our services. This allows us to better improve our site for the future.

Your browser will also have settings for you to manage how websites use cookies and will have the option to prevent this happening if you wish so. Finally like all sites we track information automatically on our servers to record and log the number of visits to our pages and the activity to help us create a better experience for you. From this data collected we cannot identify you personally.

Anti-Money Laundering

As well has helping to assist you with your property needs Davis & Gibbs must adhere to the codes of conduct and practices of certain regulations such as the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.

Due to these regulations Davis & Gibbs and some of its subsidiaries will be required to obtain and record particular information to comply. In the event we require this information from you we will only use the information for the purpose it has been given in accordance with the law and will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent.

We reserve the right to undertake the use of third parties where necessary to verify identity.


While we undertake all possible reasonable means to ensure the standard and accuracy of this website. We do not accept any obligation for the ongoing responsibility for any part of it.

Davis & Gibbs would like to make it clear that visitors to the site are solely responsible for the ways this website and the information contained on it are used. This includes all conditions, terms, warranties, undertakings whether implied or expressed are excluded to the fullest extent allowed by law.

With the exception in respect to liability for death and personal injury that arises out of our negligence or knowingly fraudulent misrepresentation. There for Davis & Gibbs ad including all contributors to this website disclaim to the fullest extent allowed by law any and all liability for any damage or loss including indirect or consequential loss and/or damage incurred by you including whether this arises via contract in tort or otherwise and also in relation or connection to you not being able to access or use this website.

If any of the terms and conditions listed are deemed to be unenforceable (including anywhere we exclude our liability) the enforceable and other parts of the conditions will stand.

Complains Procedure

You can make a formal complaint in two ways:


If you would like to make a complaint via email, please contact us at:


If you would like to make a complaint in writing, please send a letter to us at:


SW12 8JD

What we will do

We will acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours of receipt. Your complaint will then be investigated and we aim to respond to you within 5 working days of this acknowledgement. If we are experiencing any delay we will keep you informed.

We aim to resolve all complaints but if you are unhappy with the reply you receive, you can ask for it to be escalated to a Director. Please confirm why you remain dissatisfied to help us resolve any outstanding issues you may have.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Director and your complaint remains unresolved you can escalate it to an independent third party such as Association of Residential Letting Agents or The Property Ombudsman Scheme.

Links to their sites can be found here;